Thursday, October 8, 2015

Looking at Deployment Strategies

A New Series

Today Master Crafted Gaming is starting a new series that aims to focus on the complexities of strategy and tactics available to players in Kings of War. Caleb and myself are very excited about the game and want to see more players getting involved. Part of that process is making the entry into a new type of game easier. This series will be a "KoW Tactica - 101" for those of you who have never played a fantasy wargame before.

You never know - the veterans out there may learn a thing or two themselves!

Our first video highlights a Pincer Strategy. This is a deployment based strategy that aims to use aggressive flank charges to dominate an opponent from the outside in. The deployment would look something like this:
The idea behind this deployment is simple:

  1. Fast/Hard hitting units are deployed forward on the flanks
  2. Strong core anvil/anchor units and chaff are available in the middle to prevent your opponent from breaking through the lines.
This is a very blunt strategy. It's favorable for armies that have access to hard hitting hammer units such as cavalry, chariots, and monsters. You should be aiming to get into your opponents face and overwhelm them with the force of these units.

You can close quickly to contain the field on your terms or box your enemy into an inevitable coffin as they get stuck in the proverbial mud of the middle of the battle.

The weakness of this strategy is::
  1. Losing a flanking unit or lacking the forcefulness to break through on either flank. This can cripple the attack.
  2. Losing an anvil unit breaks your lines and leaves you divided and conquerable...not to mention your rear exposed.
  3. Flyers going over the top after you've advanced.
Check out the video below where we go into detail about these situations!

There are many variations on this attack pattern and ultimately you have to decide how your army fits. Do you have the units to make this kind of attack work? How do you respond when something doesn't go your way?

If you do something similar - but different, let us know in the comments!

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