Monday, January 26, 2015

Your Next Purchase

Like most of us, I am a little too addicted to the hobby. I could spend hours obsessing over what my next purchase will be. I literally scour my options, add them to carts, dump them, then subsequently get bombarded with emails reminding me that I left items in my cart.

The Horror

Games Workshop is tremendous at creating that need for the next product. In the past year the release schedule has been in rapid fire range. So even though I have just about everything I need to field fully capable and competitive armies...I want more.

Is it just a desire for options? You look at how armies are built and typically you can take a codex and put together themed lists in two or three different ways. Am I just looking to round out these possibilities? Could it be a need to keep my options competitive tactically? Is it pure curiosity at how a unit performs? Are the models just really pretty?

In reality it's probably all of these things. If money weren't an obstacle this wouldn't be an issue. We work hard for the portion of income we get to use on our hobby. Because that money is so precious we labor over what to spend it on. The ROI on a model is next to nothing. If you buy something and paint it, it is bound to you.

So the weight of this decision isn't as simple for everyone. How do you decide? What is that final factor that causes you to move on a purchase? For usually boils down to a last minute gut decision.


  1. 60% of the time, it's looks everytime.

    1. I have a real struggle over what I want next for my Vampire Counts. There is a lot that I don't have. Unlike most, I don't mind purchasing something now with a new edition on the horizon. But WHAT??