Monday, January 26, 2015

Starting a New Army Part...whatever... Curze

So I ordered Curze right before xmas. You maybe asking "Curze, what's a Curze?" That pain you feel was my right hand up against your head. That sound you hear is called "ringing" that's what happens when a Night Lords fanboy slams his palm into your ear when you ask. What's a Curze?

This is a Curze.

So now stop asking silly questions. I'm not going to do a painting tutorial on him. I'm instead going to cover my emotions when I unboxed him and then review his rules. I'm not going to do a paint review because frankly I'm a average painter and my Curze is mediocre.

So last Thursday my girlfriend text "hey you got something in a box". I knew what it was. I ordered him xmas eve. I could hold out no longer. I was so in love with the model I had to have it. This is all while I was still debating selling an Eldar army I had. I decided I had to have the model that night and just on a whim ordered it. I knew at the time I wouldn't see him for a while. The FW team was for sure off till that Monday and then the week after was New Years. So I waited. Then I got a backordered email... Great.

Then  the best day ever came, last Thursday. Konrad Curze, The Night Haunter, The Primarch of the Night Lords was at my house. So I got home and unboxed him. Everything looked great. Sometimes resin warps, sometimes it just looks like leftover turds in a crapper. No holes, no cracks, no jacked ass non sense. He was going to be a wash. assemble and paint. Wow I was speechless.

Then it hit me. The shakes. What? I'm a grown man why am I nervous about a frigging model? I quickly realized I was overwhelmed. I'm not a good enough painter for this model. Fruck. I knew at that moment that I wouldn't be happy with my results. I'm a firm believer in personal honesty, most people has a tendency to overestimate how good they are at something. That's not me. I like to weigh my abilities in anything on a honest scale. Ok enough psycho babble crap! I was nervous is all I am saying.

So the next day I was off work to celebrate diversity and all. You know cuz I'm black.... I'm not I was totally milking the system that celebrates a great man's accomplishments and deeds. Thanks MLK!!  So I decided that would be perfect kids would be at school and I could paint un-harassed. I got him about 85% complete Friday. Spent about 7-8 hours on the model before calling it quits for the day. Then Sunday I wrapped up the details. I'm satisfied with the results but by no means am I happy. I think its really close to the best I could do. So now that I am done whining.

Rules review.
Konrad Curze, The Night Haunter, Primarch of the Night Lords.
Well he comes in between 400-450 points. He has a lot of great stats and rules. IWND, Stealth, Shrouded, Jump Infantry, EW, Fear, Fearless, he is one tough mother.
Stats wise no let down either:
WS 8, T6, S6, W6, I7, Hot damn looking good yo!!
Wargear and  weapons
Armor 2+/4+ hit and run, D3 Hammer of Wrath attacks!
Paired weapons, AP2 , ID on a 6, Shred, yikes!!! Ranged weapon 12" S4 AP5?? Lame, wait what's this lethal precision ohh its just precision strikes and on a 6 to wound it ignores armor saves AND INVULENRABLE SAVES!!! Ouchie ouch!!
Wow that's a lot of good stuff there!!! Notice however this sound in the background.
No grenades, only S6, (insert long stream of profanities here).
He charges anyone in cover and he goes at I1 insert more bad words here). He cant kill a Knight Titan that is 60 points cheaper then him, he cant scratch a land raider, a straight up fight vs a Wraithknight will be a bear, any AV 13 walker he has to run away from. That's all highly annoying.
But I never stay focused on the "what you can't do long". I jump right into "what you CAN do".

He is a infantry killer, that's a understatement. He is a god damn infantry calamity, a message from the gods that you shouldn't be here. He is the King of Terrors for a reason. You will run from combat that's because against Curze you'll be taking that fear test at -3, ohh you have ATSKNF, good then he will just murder you to a man. 10 Death company Marines with Thunder Hammers with 60 attacks, rerolls to hit and wound, only do 5 wounds to him. Love that mathhammer. So I cant kill AV13 walkers, Imperial Knights and such. Good deal that's why I have Night Raptors, Sicarans, Contemptor dreads, Fire Raptors, Rapier Weapons teams. As my good buddy Kyle told me when I expressed my concerns. His statement was pure and true. "That's not Curze's style to kill that stuff anyways, he'd send someone else to do that". Truff right there gents and well I'd say gals but lets face it, their are about as many women in Wargaming as there are college degrees on the cast of the jersey shore.

See you around the way...

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