Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Night Stalkers take the field!

Just a short while ago Mantic released an expansive ruleset to Kings of War titled Uncharted Empires. This expansion gave us the rules and background for multiple new armies. One in particular caught my eye and lead to a hobby frenzy.

In a matter of one extended weekend I painted up the army of a lifetime.

Collecting from multiple manufacturer ranges, I was able to put a look and feel to models that were given only descriptions.

Some of these, like in the case of Forge World's Mourngul, I had always heavily desired the models, but never had a purpose for them.

Gorgeous models that somehow found a way into one force. I've never had an experience in wargaming where I had the freedom to accomplish something of this nature. The inspiration of it all was a little overwhelming. I never have before and likely never will again paint so much so quickly.

Even after all of this, I was very pleased with how they performed. As far as gameplay goes...having this army come together the way it did from conception, to painting, to play so quickly and efficiently may be one of the rarest experiences in tabletop gaming I've ever had.

Check out the battle report. It was an awesome game and a great time!


  1. Stunning work! Been waiting for some inspiration for Night Stalkers and this may be it.

  2. Wow, amazing work and very cool force! Just FYI, reading all your KoW posts tipped me over the edge to try it. Bought the books today :)

  3. Awesome color scheme and execution on these models! It really unifies the different figures in such a way that you couldn't tell they're from different ranges.

  4. I love this army! What model are you using for the Reapers?

  5. Just Started building a night-stalker army. Loving the options so far theres it's like a candy store! Great army loving the models. Any tips for Dark, Evil/Creepy basing (thats not undeady).