Sunday, February 8, 2015

Fluffbunnies - A Mad Proposal

Lonestarr here again folks, and this time I'm coming at you with something different this time on Fluffbunnies.

In celebration of The Walking Dead's return to TV this Sunday I've cooked up a special addition to your Killteam games. Now of course you don't have to be a fan of the Walking Dead to enjoy zombies but hey it doesn't hurt either. So here's my first 'Mutator' for Killteam.
Killteam Mutator: Zombies!!!

Just a bunch of wild and crazy guys!!!

Now a Mutator is a term from the days of Quake, it's now more collectively known as a Mod. These add to the core game without changing it on the most basic level. You're still playing Killteam just with extras.

This Mutator requires: x2 Zombie Spawn points, X16 zombies.
Use a marker of some sort to represent the Zombie Spawns and of course suitable stand ins for the Walkers. You can always substitute regular Guardsmen, their freshly infected, or any other race really.

Once the Killteam Mission has been rolled for, but before deployment, place one Zombie spawn point within 8 inches of the table edge on both sides of the board. Each player gets to choose where they place one. Then deploy 8 zombies within 6 inches around each spawn points.
Zombies have the following profiles.

WS 2 BS - S 3 T 3 W 1  I 1  A 1  LD 10

Special rules: Fearless, Slow and Purposeful, Feel No Pain, Shambling, Stop Eating me!
Shambling: All Zombies only charge 1D6 however they always move the distance rolled regardless if the charge failed.

Stop Eating me!: If the number of zombies in base to base with a model equals or beats that models toughness, that model is removed from the game. The undead have dragged him down to his cruel demise.

At the start of the turn is the Zombie turn. Making the order Zombies, Player 1, Player 2, end of turn.

All Zombies must move towards the closest enemy model (Both Killteams) and charge if they are within 6 inches. Whenever a zombie is killed, place it within 1 inch of the closest Spawnpoint. The tide of the undead is unending.

Bonus option: Walking Dead Drama Chart

At the start of your killteams turn, roll a six and consult the chart below to see what drama is unfolding among your killteam.

1. Humanity, Morality, Stuff, Thangs!!!: The killteam spirals into arguing over pointless moral concepts and making speeches about stuff that doesn't really matter anymore. No models may act this turn.

2. What the F$#@ Dale!?: One Killteam member decides that for everyone's own good to confiscate and hide the entire killteams ranged weapons. No shooting attacks may be made this turn.

3. Carl get in the damn house!: Your opponent picks one killteam member, that member must retreat into the nearest ruin and do nothing this turn.

4. Shane seem on edge to you?:  Randomly choose one model on your killteam. That model must charge the closest enemy and gains Rage, and Shred for a turn. Taking his justified frustrations out on the nearest deserving target.

5. Rick uh, that's uh... you.. you got red on you.: Affects the leader of your killteam. That model has just ran out of F$#@'s to give. The model must charge the closest enemy killteam model and gains Rampage, Furious Charge, and Rending for a turn.

6 Fangirl Armor: Randomly choose one model on your killteam. That model has just become insanely popular and if they die it could very well be the end of things. The model gains a 3++ Invuln, 5+ Feel no Pain, as well as an extra wound for a turn.

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