Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This is B.S.!!! My codex is only 2 years old...

Well frankly hearing this is old and we are only on the 2nd dex (Eldar and Space Marines in a week).

I get it. You feel robbed. Now let it go. Seriously let it go. You're a jerk if you don't stop. Let me tell you why.

1. Dark Angel, Dark Eldar, CSM and Ork players would love a new dex. RIGHT NOW. So if you had a strong dex and you are now getting one if the new "7th style decurians, battlehost dex's just shut up and be glad.

2. It's a blatant cash grab. Seriously next moron near me who says that it's going to the dentist. Would you say that about Ford releasing a new car? Apple releasing a new iPhone? WalMart selling a new selfie stick? No! Because for all you business majors that seem to need a course refresher. Businesses make money by selling stuff. It's easier to sell new stuff then old stuff. Doesn't matter how different it is. Ask Apple. Seriously quit saying cash grab around me I am now breaking jaws for this offense.

3. You get new awesome formations within formations detachments. Alot are quirky but alot are super strong. Nevermind that you now have more flexibility to build armies. Gee I'd totally complain about that.

4. Your army will be better. How much more do I need to harp on this?

5. Other people will be jealous if your rocking new dex! What's to hate about that?

6. Your complaining just to complain. I get it hating on the GW's is what the cool kids do. News flash... You play war games, you're likely still a virgin. You ain't never gonna be a cool kid. I would know, we can smell our own kind...

7. Would you rather have a crusty, old, under powered, lame, boring and uninspiring codex? I wouldn't. Ask any Ork player if they would rather go 8-9 years again or every 2 years. Ask em I dare you...

8. It gives you a reason to play games. Not that many if us need any but you get a real chance to try an innovate your army lists. It's cool to play your army in new ways.

9. You weren't winning tournaments already. This can't make it worse. Seriously a small percentage of players are winning it all on a grand scale. Those same dozen or so guys are not afraid to try new stuff and experiment. Ask the "lictor shame" list guy who won LVO or the guy who has won Adepticon 3 years straight with different lists every time.

10. Lastly this isn't a stable gaming system. It fluxes and the meta changes with each edition. This shouldn't be a surprise to is anymore. First we complained we didn't get stuff fast enough. Then it was too fast. C'mon people lets pick a stance and stick with it.

Lastly if you want stability in your gaming, I recommend Horus Heresy from Forgeworld. Balanced, fun, stable, moderate release pace and most of all the sweetest models.

Yeah I get it. I'm complaining about the complainers. I of course get the irony if that. It needs to be said though.

See you around the way....


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  2. Thank you for article, if I had a blog this is basically what I would write.

  3. I think I'll be adding this blog to my reading list!

    Awesome work, and a point that needed making - well done sir!

  4. Agree on all points! I think the only valid complaint these days is the limited editions...but we don't usually buy limited editions to match up with the rulesets...we do it for the cool extras (like art book).

    I would kill for a new ork dex right now...

    1. That's a legit statement there. If you dropped 160 American on a LE dex I'll give you that. I appreciate a ork player saying they'd take a new dex a year later no questions asked! Thanks for reading!!

    2. I just imagine having the flexibility of a decurion style CAD would lend itself well to orks. You could easily build a theme'd bad moon, evil sunz, goff, or deff skullz army just from how you built it.

      Of course it could totally back fire, and they suddenly make the gork/mork super heavies, then I'd be screwed!

    3. Or they could let the 2 'onaughts be super heavy and let you take ten at a time.😈

    4. ITC is limiting you to 1 currently, and nova banned all SH and Garg stuff. So if they make them super heavy, it basically kills my army. =/