Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Playing a new army part 3... Leaping

So for both of you reading this. I did it I made the leap. I jumped feet first into the Night Lords. I made a decision last Thursday night to do it. I couldn’t shake my desire for this army. I had to have them. Had to. So I also made the decision that 2 armies is the right amount for me. I knew my Beastmen weren't going anywhere.
They frigging rock. Love those crazy goat men. My Eldar though.... I wrote a blog about actually check it out here. I didn’t want them anymore I was over it.  
So I sold them like 8000 points and for 50% and they were 65% painted. However I sold them to a guy I like and he got a deal and more importantly I got the money I wanted for them. How could I right? Selling my primary army, leaving me 40k less. I was ok to me I knew if I had 3 armies someone was never gonna get played. I love Night Lords and I'd play Fantasy any day over 40k. So the winner was???? Ding, ding, ding... F you Eldar bye bye.  
So the spoiler for the last article was how much is this going to cost? Answer. A god damn a lot.... Like a lot. Holy shit its a lot. F you Forgeworld. No actually don’t you guys rock. Great stuff. So this is a teaser how much it was going to be. You'll want to zoom in... That’s not all of it either. Yeah I know stab me. I am already at 964.... POUNDS!!! That’s what like 3400 American? No its like 1500 I know that.  
So the list of what I WANT is long and the list of what I NEED is a bit shorter. I need a playable army of course. I also need small enough parts not to overwhelm me painting wise. Makes sense huh? Very odd for me as I am known for bad decisions. I'm dumb, what can be said? So I am on my way to a new army. I am giddy with excitement. I cant wait to play them. I cant wait to learn them. To MASTER them, more then anything though to put together a beautiful army. One I will be beyond proud of. So I am doing some test Marines while I wait for the first models to come in.  
I'll leave you with a little snippet of what I am trying out so far. Only issue I am running into is this the base I cannot for the life of me decide what I want on them... AHHHH its always something. This is the stuff you struggle with when dealing with a new army. See my issue is my Beastmen have fudging amazing basing. Its amazing. I got zero issue saying that. So here is a little snap shot of the Night Lords. Suggestions are welcome. I was thinking I want body parts on the base but I don’t know what I want underneath of that. Fire off some ideas folks that I can freely steal and claim as my own. See you around the way...  


  1. I know it must have felt good to finally click that buy button on that sweet, sweet cart!

  2. It had to be terrifying. I would have been in a dark room somewhere at like 3:12 AM where my wife would never see what I was about to do with my money.