Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gamer with a lady... Oh yeah...

Reread that title and imagine I said that in a sexy voice and not my normal yinnzer, white trashy, accent. Trust me on that. So I have GF and she is a real life one too! Whoopy do right? Alot of gamers have spouses/wives/partners/donkeys/real dolls, so what's the big deal.

Well the big deal is that one my GF is hot. Two I got into 40k after we had dated for a couple years. See I didn't war game when she met me. I played RPGs but not tabletop stuff.  So its been a big adjustment for her. I didn't RPG that much maybe once every 2 months or so and it certainly didn't require the money and time this hobby does.

She's so unlucky... Like Kyle's dice!! She's purdy...
She at first was like "umm ok its weird" but now she is much more supportive because she sees the creative outlet it gives me. It is a way for me to decompress and veg out in a positive way. The hobby is my creative outlet. Without my life would be worse.

See I'm a angry guy. I hate. Alot. Like alot. Ok pretty much a monsoon of rage. See this comes from my days as a US Marine and a emotionally repressed male. I try to offset that rage with exercise and the hobby. That's another thing that the GF finds so odd about my involvement with Wargaming. See I'm a prick. I have zero real friends. No one can stand me. What is this psychobabble rant I'm on? Moving on... Yuck... Self reflection is gross.

So I'm angry, I have a hot GF and I war game. See my GF knows me as the angry, spiteful, Marine, with muscles. She doesn't see me as a dork. It's been a adjustment for her. The first time she saw me move little men and roll dice I think she died a little inside. This wasn't the guy who got the cops called on him as he threw her ex husbands lawn furniture and hockey equipment all over his yard as I behaved like a "epileptic gorilla". All because he called her a name. I know I'm soooo mature for my age... 38. It's embarrassing.

The first time my GF actually complimented my painting, I mean really said "that's really cool honey", was a huge breakthrough for us.
I was pretty proud of that, she went to art school and I'm have the artistic talent of a well "sociopath, Marine, with poor anger management skills".

The first time she watched a batrep I wont lie she might have cackled in my face for 18 minutes. Kinda brutal watching a wine drunk woman destroy your hobby and make light of the countless hours you spend on plastic miniatures. But she's really pretty and helps you realize that you can't take anything too serious in this life, because then you'll throw lawn furniture and stuff....

She loves to refer to my buddy Kyle as my boyfriend and she is totally implying a gay relationship. Before you get all butthurt and accuse her of behaving like the state of Indiana please understand, in May we went to Mexico with 5 of the gayest men to walk the streets of Pittsburgh. That's funny to her and I. Besides all my 40k buddies and I engage in homoerotic orgy of grey sex toys and super glue for lube. Holy cow that's graphic. I'm sure they'll edited that out. I think I'm trying to saying we aren't homophobes nothing like over compensation right????

She's cool with it though. She makes fun of it but its no different then how I make terribly inopportune jokes at every situation. It keeps us close. She has her whore train wreck friends and I have my fellow geeks.

Lastly, I have a busy mind. I get easily distracted by things. The hobby helps center me. Helps keep me on track. The GF sees this as the mist important part of it all. I'm not out l looking for "distractions" (tramps) because the hobby is more interesting. I have a reputation of being what medical doctors call "loose".  This was a huge hurdle when we first started dating. Can she trust me? Will I be faithful? Now she doesn't sweat that. She sees the herd of virgins I play war games with and realizes that no girl is gonna bust the cobwebs of their genitals.  So the hobby has certainly helped us there.

See you around the way....


  1. Power to you man.

    I (inexplicably) suffer from pretty severe depression and the hobby is often what keeps me from going off the deep end, just a few hours spent painting a model makes the gloom lift that bit much.

    Glad to know someone else uses it in much the same way.

    And it also had me laughing out loud which ended up with porridge in my beard. you fiend.

  2. Thanks for reading man. I'm glad you liked it. Everyone has a reason they are in this and no of them are the wrong reason. We lose track of that sometimes.

  3. Alots made of gamers are rare and strange creatures, and I've never seen an alot of gamers in a while. Where did you find it?
    And don't worry. Alots hate you too. They just seethe inside.

  4. The English should spend less time on alot of things like being shitty about a word. They should spend alot of more time practicing dental hygiene or alot more time learning what a sense of humor is.

  5. My girl respects my gaming, because I respect her purses, shoes, and books. Everyone has their little escapes. We all express ourselves differently, and that's the coolest part of life.