Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When a new dex drops...

The Baskin Robbins of 40k armies

We as a community have a real tendency to spazz. If its too good we hurl screams of OP, BS, rage quit, table flip,nonsense. If it isn't good enough we hurl screams of UP, BS, rage quit, table flip,nonsense. Either way we only have one reaction usually. If you play the army your pumped. If you don't its fire from the skies.

Breathe.... Take another one. Ok take one more. As I write this the dex is leaking all over the web. I see a lot of good and little bad.

Some highlights so far to me.
1. 2 X Demi-Company is the truth. Base formation is like 1050 points and now you get all free transports. I think that rocks.
2. Scouts got WS/BS 4. Nice.
3. Vindy, Pred, Whirlwind, Thunderfire Cannon squads have all nice rules if you have 3 of them. Very nice.
4. Dreads in squads!! Wait no they still are just average...
5. Ultra Marines chapter tactics and Black Templar too. Holy smokes.
6. Cents got cheaper. They didn't need that however.
7. Termies cheaper. Sadly wont matter though.
8. The power level looks solid at first glance.
9. Mother frigging Grav weapons everywhere now.
10. Now maybe I wont see painted blue, green, black, yellow "White Scars" armies.

Some low lights I see.
1. If you play SW or BA. I could see where the dread changes and scout tweaks would give you a case of butthurt. If you don't get a FAQ that's beyond weak.  
2. Many of the formations are far to costly to field for the benefit. I love the terminator strike one. It starts at almost 1100 points though. Ehhh...
3. Raven guard still are the worst chapter. Sorry Sons of Corax.
4. The obvious power build is screaming at us. UM tactics with 2 Demi-Companies and Calgar. That's 3 of one chapter tactic and 2 of the others. ARMY WIDE. Think about that. Oh and the whole army is objective secured. With free transports. Gag...

So why do I care? I play this sweet HH Night Lords army right. Well the reason is I want to start getting into competition play again. Just as a challenge to myself. It'll also give me better access and experience to the ever evolving 40k meta. Which in turn will make me a better player. Also none of these a&*hole tourney organizers will accept 30k armies. Makes me bitter. They are nice guys I don't mean that. I kinda do...

I'll be posting some video reviews to the MasterCrafted Youtube page Friday night/saturday. Please check them out here:

See you around the way...


  1. Biggest lowlight for me was not seeing much improvement in terminators damage output (shooting) or an increase in their survivability (2W)

    1. With the centurion point drop, I'm hard pressed to see why you'd take tactical terminators over assault centurions. The assault centurions out shoot and out assault them. (for less points)

    2. As a BA player I would love to love my terminators. It's just not easy. Centurions would be a welcome addition in my book. It's hard to argue their effectiveness. Terminators are veterans and in my mind only a few rungs down the ladder from being Captains. They deserve 2W in that sense...and why Sternguard or Vanguard veterans who forego the armor get access to tons of special weapons but terminators have to take mostly storm bolters is beyond me.

    3. Agree Kyle. I think they are stuck on a storm bolter being a good weapon. Tactical terminators should be shooting twice as much (maybe assault 4 or at least TL assault 2), and carry at least 2 heavy weapons per 5. Even then, the weapon costs are overcosted for their surviability. 2+/5++ isn't much these days.

    4. I'd even settle for tactical terminators to be able to use special issue ammo, they're basically the same people just some are kitted out for better survivability.