Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Formations in 7th Edition 40k

       The restrictions of the Force Organization Chart are dead. If you still think you have to play by making a list tied to an HQ and 2 Troops you're still thinking in editions prior to Warhammer 40k 7th.

       Formations are now offered for most new armies. These provide free rule additions to units included and still allow those units to be customized while also not taking up those ever-so-precious  Force Org. slots. Let me explain how this is awesome.

       Whether you are playing this game competitively or in a friendly environment I know full well you at least want to win the game you are playing. I'll be clear in saying what formations do for your army isn't an attempt at breaking the game...(again, that sort of thinking is pre-7th.) It is a way for you to take the units you enjoy that may not meet the competition of a better unit in a slot but beat out another unit that you'd be forced to take just to fill out points in another. Phew. That's a loaded sentence. How about an example?

       The Ork codex has always played a blitzkrieg style army. Let's say there's a player out there who really wants to come at an opponent to take advantage of that and they LOVE Storm Boyz. Let's be real here...what Ork player in their right mind doesn't enjoy the sight of a rocket strapped to an Ork's back? Well the problem with Stormboyz is their place in a very competitive Fast Attack slot. You're losing out on taking quality air support in Dakkajet's and Burna-Bommer's when restricted to only 3 slots.
       With the Formation "'Skyboss Wingnuts' Air Armada" thrown into the mix I can now fill my 3 Fast Attack Slots with 3 15 man Squads of Stormboyz with a Nob leader each and then add a:

Dakkajet with Flyboss

       An additional 5 Fast Attack Slots that don't use them, because it isn't a part of my CAD! This combo totals 1057 points without upgrades. Even if you only play in 1500 point games, this is the sauce of your army. Oh and did I mention if you leave airspace with one of the fliers it regains all of its hull points and refills its one use only ammo? Just cause.
       If you're playing 40k and not using formations you aren't doing it right in my opinion. It's highly worth looking into what is available for your army. If you don't know? I'm about to drop the best link you've ever laid eyes on baby bird.
       Blood of Kittens has a compendium of Formations and how they work. You're welcome. Now go and look at what is available to your army and start thinking of your collection and all the creative ways you can make Formations work for you.


Please. Make a list for funsies. See what you can actually accomplish with these powerful tactical tools.


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