Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Experience with Nagash

Practical Magic

Because green colored light/energy is always for bad guys.

There was a massive part of me that was hesitant to play with Nagash. In my opinion, most special characters in the Vampire Counts book aren't worth their points. I can easily make a more competitive Lord by customizing one on my own. On top of that, I could take two of these monsters for the cost of 1 Nagash.

At face value on paper, Nagash also seems to be a colossally powerful magic user mixed with interesting close combat options. For instance, he's the only level 5 wizard I know of. Pairing that magical powerhouse with his built in affinity for the Lore of Undeath, it's very clear how he is intended to be used.

Prior to my first game I hadn't used the Lore of Undeath at all. Looking at it, it seems fairly limited. I'm so familiar with the Lore of Vampires in a supporting role, it seems odd to use magic as a force multiplier. When using Nagash however, it just clicks. It turns a lore that looks difficult to achieve much with into a terrifying proposition for your opponent.

Coming into my first match up I had feverishly painted Nagash. I started on a Thursday and had him finished by Friday evening. I was determined to have him painted before he was fielded. I think it makes a difference in how a model is treated on the table.

I know, the base isn't done..sue me.

I was shocked at how fun he was to play. He took a cannonball to the face in turn 2 and suffered 6 wounds from it. He was a target. He was a threat. He was nearly unstoppable. I summoned, over the course of the game 1,992 points worth of models. That cannon that was an issue had a unit of Blood Knights and Vargheists arrive next to it. His triple spell range was like inserting units via deep strike without scatter. I know it changed my opponents entire strategy.

More than anything, both my opponent and myself enjoyed playing a game with him. Which was shocking. He was incredibly fun. Obviously not something I will do every time, but in this case...a great time.

Here's a link to the battle report. If you've been on the fence about getting Nagash or fielding him, I hope this helps.

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