Monday, August 17, 2015

Kings of War and the joy of realizing you are a terrible general...

So I've played 6 games of KOW since I've decided to switch to it. I think I'm 1-3-2 in those games. I know, I know win/loss isn't the be all end of how good you are but it is a good measuring stick. So real quick let me say this, in 6 games all but one was decided in turn 6 or 7. Lastly I had a absolute blast in every game. This speaks to a couple things to me balance and tactics. In short this game is incredibly balanced and I need to learn tactics.

So one of the things I love about movement trays in fantasy war gaming is the tactical aspect of it. The game is won or lost in the movement phase in KOW. No one unit, magic item or spell is gonna get you that win. You have to outplay and out maneuver the other guy (or girl I know, what a sexist thing for me to assume, send complaints to KOWROCKS@YOU'REAWHINEYDOUCHE.COM). So i played my first scenario games and what a huge difference that makes in playing. I have now played pillage, loot and domination. Each one had its own depth that I definitely need more practice in to really master this game. I thought I was below average/decent at fantasy movement. KOW has taught me this, WRONG I sucked!!! My movement game is soft, but I am working on it.

So in my loot scenario game I had a plan. I was going first (which was a huge component of the plan) and I was able to successfully capitalize on my plan. It was close but because the units in KOW were so balanced I won. I stuck to the plan and didn't try to get sexy with harebrained ideas or grand schemes of annihilation. I was able to screen the 3 units I was going to steal the objectives with (2 were successful) and was able to get them off the board to cement my first win. My opponent realized right after turn 1 what the gig was and tried to counter. His army was just a little to slow and I was able to keep the fast guys from getting to my loot thieves. YAY!! I WON!!! It hit me THOUGH, had I gone second my plan would likely not have worked. That was a lighting bolt. I need more games and I have a lot to learn.

My domination game was maybe the most fun I have ever played in any war gaming game PERIOD. It swung back and forth so many times late I just was at a loss as what to do. We ended up with a draw and he had a turn where a unit over its rout limit stuck, due to him rolling snake eyes. A tremendous moment in my life. There is a batrep of this game and it will be up later today. I'll link to it. It was just a blast and this was after I had already played 3 games of KOW and a 3.5 hour game of 40k. I should have been beat but KOW brings out the life in me.

The movement tactics of this game blow me away. So many combo moves, screening options and plans of attack that I am just awestruck. I look forward to the day when I feel I can play this competitively. I bought a model for my fantasy army. I haven't done that in over a year. Let that sink in. I am so excited to play KOW, I am buying shit! Huge day for me. I am already envisioning two tiered scenarios for games that I think would add even that much more strategy and depth to this beautiful game. I am re-reading this and realizing how much of a fanboy rant about the quality of KOW yet I am very OK with that. Mantic and this game deserve the spot in the light they have truly delivered a gift to all of us fantasy wargamers. If you are on the fence get down and come over to here. I swear you won't regret it.

Lastly this community has been lights out awesome. Our YouTube batrep had 1200+ views which is double our average batrep. I cannot say thank you enough to this community. Matt Gilbert from the Rules Committee is awesome over at Mantics Forums. He is pleasant, fast with responses and just a smidgen sarcastic (I think that might be crown rule in the UK though, so he may not have a choice)!
Alessio, the games creator liked my last blog post. That's awesome and if you think differently please shoot me your address so I can crap in your mailbox. Jerk. Dave from the Redstone Rumble reached out to me on dakka with positive words. Check out his tourney this October in you are anywhere near Alabama. I'm blown away buy the lack of nerd rage, table flip, set my army on fire, hate crime rants. So next post will be about about your objections to switching if you are unsure. I will address them fairly and with a lot of foul language. Kidding see you around the way...


  1. It's a cool write up. You've articulated well what I felt when I first started. I still love the game and have fun playing, but I'm not as giddy about it as I was at first.

    As for your tactics comments, have you read any of the Ironwatch issues yet? They can be found on the Main forums, and in particular, there are a series of tactics articles in issues 20, 23, and 24 by Briohmar, aka Rob Allen (yours truly) and another in issue 17 I believe, written by Daniel King, aka Darklord, the reigning UK KoW Champion.

  2. No I haven't I was not aware of their existence. Thanks will check them out!

  3. That reminds me, I should probably write up a new chapter or two to discuss winning an objective based fight, and screening and maneuver in depth.

  4. "I bought a model for my fantasy army. I haven't done that in over a year." Definitely hearing you on this note... KoW has completely rejuvenated and excited my "hobby mojo" again. #win