Thursday, May 21, 2015

To Kill a Primarch

The Sons of a God

The reason we dig the Horus Heresy era stuff so much is because of guys like this. Primarch's in Warhammer are true heroes. You look at a silly HQ slot and scoff after seeing the meaty bits of these guys. With stats that surpass even Vampire Lords or Greater Daemons, they are demi-gods of battle. With Forge World cranking out ever more of these stunning character models, everyone is looking to get in on the action.

I face off against one Primarch in particular regularly. "Papa Curze." Caleb in our Master Crafted Gaming group put a lot of love into developing an army that he would truly love to play. Seeing that come together has been a real joy of the hobby. If you want to see some of his progress over the past year, be sure to check out his posted progress in the Starting a New Army series.

After 4 games of going against Curze...I've realized that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface on taking this guy off of the board. Granted, I haven't thrown what it would likely take to do that towards him...but I can't. With the amount of bodies he puts on the table, the synergy he uses with the rest of the army, and the real immediate threats to my army's tactical success I just can't get to him.
He's won the "Coolest looking Primarch" contest for me.
There may be other tactical choices that you could run in a Heresy army. For my money though, you're playing for the sauce and this is it. Truth be told I cannot wait to get my hands on Sanguinius. I don't care if he's every emo vampire loving fanboy's fictional man crush...he's my emo vampire loving fanboy's fictional man crush.

The rules on these guys is daunting. They aren't overly impressive offensively by my guess and they each have different tactical application particular to their legion's preferred style of warfare. They've all got such cool weapons and wargear to showcase their favorite style of murder. Horus of course being on another level.

I hope they do Daemon Primarch's. That'll be pretty spectacular. I also hope they at least introduce a model for the Emperor.

Anyway! Check out our latest battle report where I try to throw Mephiston and Astorath from 40k at Curze and fail miserably!

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